Giorgia, born with Piadina!

I am Giorgia, born and raised in Cervia, a charming town on the Romagna coast. My family gave me the love of cooking. After twenty years of producing and selling fresh pasta, we continue in the artisanal food field with the authentic Piadina Romagnola PGI prepared according to the ancient traditional (or rather Cervese) recipe.

Artisan Piadina

Each of our piadinas is prepared by hand and with passion, as tradition dictates.

Cervia and Romagna

Piadina is a typical product of Romagna. We are strongly linked to our land, everything was born from here. To quote Giovanni Pascoli, piadina is the bread, or rather the national food of the Romagnoli. Now we give you the opportunity to buy it online and receive it wherever you want.

The passion for Piadina

Giorgia prepares the piadinas by hand in her laboratory every day so that she can always send them fresh online to her customers!