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Do you have a bar, a restaurant, a hotel, a wine shop? Do you run a catering business? Would you like to have superior quality artisanal Piadine Romagnole PGI available for your customers?

  • PGI

    Piadina Romagnola PGI

  • Artisanal

    Made by hand

  • 24/48h

    Fast deliveries

Why is Giorgia's Piadina so good?

There are many factors that make our Piadine so good and so appreciated by our customers. At the base of everything there is always love for our work, but also attention to every detail of artisanal production.

Why choose us?

  • Prices reserved

    Price list dedicated to Ho.Re.Ca operators, which can be consulted after logging in

  • Order whenever you want

    You can order our piadinas via the B2B e-shop 24/7 whenever you prefer

  • Freshness guarantee

    The wraps are produced at the time of the order and shipped immediately

  • Dedicated assistance

    Our production manager will always be at your disposal